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We provide better solutions and great services
We are authorized dealer of Miracle Accounting Software since 2006.

We at MANASHVI INFOSOFT provide Miracle Accounting Software Products, Services and Solutions to growing companies; we are authorized dealer for Miracle Accounting Software and its products. We are having more than 19 years of experience in the field of accounting software service.


We follow a well-defined methodology and solutions that enables customers to exploit the benefits of Miracle Accounting Software quickly, and in most easy , comfortable ,cost-effective manner possible. The secret of Manashvi Infosoft success lies in its flexibility, responsiveness to customers, encouragement and reward to employees and well satisfied business partners.

Promoters of Manashvi Infosoft has been associated with Miracle Accounting Software for over 19 years now.

Customer satisfaction is worthless... Customers loyalty is priceless

Why Choose Miracle ?

Ideal Accounting Software must fulfill following requirements

Miracle Accounting Software

  • Easy To Use.
  • Flexible according to user's requirement.
  • Scalable from Accountant to Large Industries.
  • Excellent after sales service.
  • Timely upgrades according to States and Central Government rules and regulations.
  • Contemporary Advanced Technology.

Excellent after sales service, customizable entry and reports as well as timely upgrades are main reasons for popularity of Miracle Accounting Software.

Miracle has been developed using latest tools and technologies which provides unique & advanced features like FTR, QAO, E-Mail, SMS etc.

It is suitable for Accountants, Traders, Dealers, Distributors and Manufacturers.

Our Products


General purpose Accounting Software, Suitable for Accountants, Traders, Dealer, Distributors, Manufacturers.

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Miracle-G is fastest growing & amazingly simple to use accounting software for Ginning and Spinning Businesses.

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Miracle-Petro is specialized setup for petrol pump. It provides complete computerization of petrol pump.

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Miracle-CS is tailor made special setup for Cold Storage & Ware Housing industries.

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Miracle-Mandi is accounting, billing and inventory software for APMC, market yard, traders and commission agents.

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My Investor

For Share And F & O Accounting With Personal Accounting.

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For Seeds, Pesticides and Fertilizer businesses.

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Miracle-Textile software is designed specially to fulfill requirements of Brokers, Traders and an Agent of Textile Mill.

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Android Apps

For Android Report & SMS, Easy to get report on Android & IOS.

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Pricing table

# Software Version 9.0 Single User Multi User
1 Miracle Billing Copy 6,000/-  5,000/- N.A.
2 Miracle Standard Copy 12,000/-  10,000/- 19,500/-  17,500/-
3 Miracle Addon Copy 4,000/-  3,000/- N.A.

* Limited Period Offer
*Terms & Conditions applied.
*GST 18% extra.

# Upgrade from Version 6.3 or 7.2 to 9.0 Single User Multi User
1 Billing Copy 2,000/- N.A.
2 Account Copy 3,000/- 4,500/-
3 Super Account Copy 3,000/- 4,500/-
4 Standard Copy 4,000/- 7,000/-
5 Premium Copy 4,000/- 7,000/-
6 Excise Copy 4,000/- 7,000/-
7 Excise Copy (W/o Acc.) 4,000/- 7,000/-
8 Addon 1,500/- N.A.

*GST 18% extra.

# Software Version 9.0 Single User Multi User
1 Miracle Billing Copy 1,800/- N.A.
2 Miracle Standard Copy 2,800/- 4,200/-
3 Miracle Addon Copy 1,000/- N.A.

*Only applicable for Version 9.0 and above.
*GST 18% extra.
*Terms & Conditions applied.

Download Software / Application

Miracle 9.0 (Latest EXE.) Download
Microsoft .NET Framework Download
VFPOLEDB Setup Download
Miracle Report (Android)* Download

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